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Welcome to our garden

The Johnstone River Community Garden started in 2009. It was originally designated for a spot at the Warrina Lakes facility in Innisfail but a more suitable location was offered adjacent to the Diverse Learning Centre at the Innisfail State College.

The Principal of the College negotiated a lease on two acres at the south western end of the College campus and this was gratefully taken up by Bernard Holden on behalf of Landcare.

From the outset volunteer labour has built the garden, co-ordinated by the indefatigable Mr Holden (Bernard or Bernie to his friends). Valuable assistance has been provided by members of the work camp provided by Lotus Glen Correctional Facility. This assistance has not been voluntary in the normal sense of the word but for those who find themselves "doing time" it is not a bad environment in which to do it


A playground for adults and kids alike
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